Oracle Key Account Director - Sberbank in Wien, Austria

Key Account Director - Sberbank

Preferred Qualifications

Role Description: KeyAccount Director

Role Overview

The Oracle Key Account Director owns overall leadership

for an Oracle Key Account (one of Oracle’s top revenue producing and market

leading accounts), across all products, services and support, on a worldwide

basis. The Key Account Director (KAD) is

the day-to-day senior Oracle executive responsible for success at the Key

Account. The KAD is chartered to develop

and drive execution of a multi-year KA strategy. The KAD is also responsible

for worldwide communication inside the Oracle global organization as well as

all organizations within the Key Account.

The KAD must develop deep customer and industry knowledge and then

influence the Key Account through developing credible & relevant messaging

and deliver it through broad executive relationships to align Oracle as a strategic

partner that enables key customer initiatives and transformations, increases

customer satisfaction, and grows Oracle revenues.

Job Description

The KAD is Oracle’s primary leader and

sponsor for the customer, responsible for overall account growth and customer

satisfaction by managing key relationships and ensuring the customer achieves

value from Oracle solutions. Key

responsibilities include leading developing &

owning the account strategy, aligning and managing the sales team, driving

effective account management processes, tracking and communicating progress,

and growing Oracle’s revenues across the full breadth of Oracle products/

solutions for the Key Account.

Key objectives of this jobinclude:

  • Grow Oracle’s mindshare,

cross-pillar revenue, and share of wallet with the Key Account.

  • Understand the Key Account

business requirements and develop "tailored" Oracle solutions.

  • Introduce the Key Account to Oracle solutions & products that

match known and potential business needs.

  • Successfully establish the Key Account as a positive Reference


  • Demonstrate measurable progress towards an “Oracle First”


Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain the multi-year strategic

account plan for the Key Account to meet or exceed customer objectives and

Oracle sales goals. Revise the account

strategy and plan to ensure they fit the continuously changing key account

needs and priorities.

  • Direct the Oracle team around execution of the

strategy and plan by co-ordination and leadership of activities across the

different pillars and other organizations and partners.

  • Influence and lead strategic planning efforts

within sales, product, consulting, and support pillars to ensure Key Account

requirements are represented.

  • Manage the interface between the Key Account

and Oracle personnel (including all sales, product specialists, consulting,

support, channels and corporate functions) to ensure an effective alignment

model and communications, and reporting cadence.

  • Articulates both Oracle and Key Account value propositionto C-level management within both Oracle and the Key Account.

  • Gain agreement with Customer around key work streamsaligned with their key business transformations and imperatives

  • Create a quarterly business review cadence with KASponsors to track our progress on aligned focus areas / work streams andother interactions.

  • Maintain regular communications with the worldwide coresales team and extended worldwide account team across all relevant Oracle pillarsand divisions, through regular team calls and online collaboration.

  • Facilitate regular progress meetings with keycustomer executives and sponsors to validate our progress and plans.

  • Obtain input and participation from the assignedOracle Executive Sponsor(s) for the key account on a regular, scheduled basis.

  • Ownsescalation issues for the Key Account on a worldwide basis and drivesthose escalations to closure while creating a high level of customersatisfaction for the Key Account and a win-win environment for the Oracleresources involved in the day-to-day operation of the Key Account.

  • Develop and execute an interaction plan to addressthe executive suite, line of business organizations and IT, leveraging allOracle resources and subject matter experts, executives, andthought-leaders as needed to provide value to the customer.

  • Build relationships with the customer's executiveteam, earning a reputation as one of the Customer's trusted businessadvisors.

  • Demonstrate a high level of business acumen and thoroughunderstanding of the customer's business, organization, strategy andfinancial position.

  • Demonstrate value- and trust-based selling skillswith a deep understanding of the customer's needs and Oracle’s capabilities.

  • Navigate Oracle to identify, acquire and coordinatea team of critical resources needed to address customer needs.

  • Integrate Oracle in front of the customer providing a“one face, one Oracle” strategy for the customer.

  • Understand Oracle’s strategies and how thesetranslate into solutions that address customer needs.

  • Maintain a thorough understanding of the customer'sindustry, including trends, business processes, financial measurements andperformance indicators, and key competitors.

  • Manage and develop a team of sales representatives.

  • Sell and promote the sale of Oracle productsincluding contract negotiation.

  • Drive strategic and tactical planning for theaccount.

  • Generate and achieve accurate monthly forecasts.

  • Conduct weekly progress meetings with the keyaccount sales team.

Required Skills

  • Leadership

  • Abilityto lead and influence across a geographically dispersed team withouthaving a direct reporting line.

  • Abilityto lead and influence C-level executives of Oracle Key Accounts.

  • Attentionto Detail

  • Followdetailed procedures and ensure accuracy in documentation and data.

  • Concentrateon routine work details and organize and maintain a system of records.

  • BusinessAcumen

  • Sufficientbusiness acumen to establish authority, gain confidence, and build trustthrough a significant understanding of the Key Account’s businessstrategies and industry trends, when positioning Oracle’s organizationand capabilities.

  • Communicationskills

  • Ableto clearly express complex ideas, both in writing and verbally, to anyaudience.

  • Demonstratesan ability to anticipate, and respond to, reactions, attitudes, views andfeelings of individuals and groups.

  • Adaptspresentations to the audience.

  • ConflictManagement

  • Ableto use a win-win approach to resolve controversy.

  • Ableto be consistently objective and fair when dealing with sensitivesituations.

  • Ableto maintain constructive working relationships despite disagreement.

  • DecisionMaking & Problem Solving

  • Ableto take action in solving problems while exhibiting sound judgment and arealistic understanding of issues.

  • Ableto review facts, weigh option, and use logic when dealing with emotionaltopics.

  • Influenceand Persuasion

  • Ableto convince others in both positive and negative circumstances.

  • Ableto express ideas and options with tact.

  • Comfortableexpressing new ideas to authority figures.

  • Integrity

  • Ableto maintain confidences.

  • Fostersan ethical work environment.

  • Preventsand curtails inappropriate behavior by coworkers.

  • Giveproper credit to others.

  • Handlesall situations honestly.

  • Teamwork

  • Ableto share due credit with coworkers.

  • Displaysenthusiasm and promotes a friendly group working environment.

  • Worksclosely with other departments as necessary

  • Supportsgroup decisions and solicits opinions from coworkers.

  • Negotiation

  • Ableto obtain agreement from multiple parties.

  • Understandsthe decisions process and stakeholders and can drive process forwards

  • Ableto earn trust while working out a deal.

  • Usesgood timing and carefully calculated strategies when bargaining.

  • Communicatesthe high value of services.

  • Identifieshidden agendas that might interfere with resolution of terms.

  • Planning,Prioritizing & Goal Setting

  • Ableto prepare for emerging customer needs.

  • Ablemanage multiple projects concurrently

  • GlobalCitizen

  • Workingknowledge of other world regions, cultures, languages, economies,business practices.

  • RelationshipManagement

  • Ableto develop rapport with others and recognize their concerns and feelings.

  • Ableto build and maintain long-term associations based on trust.

  • Developsand maintains significant high-level customer executive relationships.

Necessary Behaviors

  • Provocative

  • Creates healthy tension withcustomer through providing insights about their business andopportunities for engaging with Oracle

  • Educates the customer onindustry trends and practices adopted by peer organizations

  • Problem Solving

  • Can solve even the toughest andmost complex problems; great at gleaning meaning from whatever data isavailable; quick study of the new and different; adds personal wisdom andexperience to create the best conclusion and solution; uses multipleproblem-solving tools and techniques.

  • Creativity

  • Able to come up with the nextgreat breakthrough; is creative, a visionary, and can manage innovation;is an effective strategist full of ideas and possibilities; sees multiplefutures; has broad interests and knowledge; can both create and bringexciting ideas to market; comfortable speculating about alternativefutures with or without all of the data.

  • Reframes & Challenges theway the customer views their business

  • Focus

  • Can quickly separate the mission-criticalfrom the nice-to-have and the trivial; quickly senses what's the nextmost useful thing to work on; focuses on the critical few tasks thatreally add value.

  • Organization

  • Is well organized andresourceful; effective and efficient at leveraging multiple resources toget things done; lays out tasks in sufficient detail to achieveobjective; is able to get things done with less and in less time; canwork on multiple tasks at once without losing track; foresees and plansaround obstacles.

  • ManagesEffectively across Organizational Boundaries

  • Manages people well; gets themost and best out of the people; sets and communicates guiding goals;measures accomplishments, holds people accountable, and gives usefulfeedback; delegates and develops; keeps people informed; providescoaching for today and for the future.

  • Effect WorkManagement

  • Can design effective processes,workflows, and solutions; good at figuring out what to measure to trackprogress; can quickly diagnose and fix issues; always looking forincremental process improvement.

  • EscalationManagement

  • Fearlessly takes on all issues,challenges, and people; comfortably works through conflict; deliversnegative feedback and messages without hesitation; deals promptly andfairly with problems; lets everyone know where they stand; is energizedby tough challenges; not afraid to make negative decisions and take toughaction; challenges the status quo.

  • Action andOutcome Oriented

  • Attacks everything with driveand energy with an eye on the bottom-line; not afraid to initiate actionbefore all the facts are known; drives everything to finish.

  • OrganizationalAwareness

  • Maneuvers well to get thingsdone; maze bright; knows where to go to get resources; politically awareand agile; knows the right thing to do.

  • CommunicatesEffectively

  • Writes and presents effectively;adjusts to fit the audience and the message; strongly gets a messageacross.

  • ManagesDiverse Relationships

  • Relates well to a wide varietyof styles, types, and classes; open to differences; effective up, down,sideways, inside, and outside; builds diverse networks; quick to findcommon ground; treats differences fairly and equitably.

  • InspiresOthers

  • Motivates individuals, teams,and an entire organization to perform at a higher level and to embracechange; negotiates skillfully to achieve a fair outcome or promote acommon cause; communicates a compelling vision and is committed to whatneeds to be done; inspires others; builds motivated, high-performingteams.

  • Acts withHonor and Character

  • Is a person of high character;is consistent and acts in line with a clear and visible set of values andbeliefs; deals and talks straight; direct and truthful but can keepconfidences.

  • Open andReceptive

  • At ease and relaxed; easy totalk to and get to know; listens attentively; is an open book; has apositive sense of humor; deals calmly with stress and gives people achance to catch up.

  • PersonalFlexibility

  • Open to lifelong, continuouspersonal improvement; aware of self and impact on others; responsive tofeedback; is very flexible; can act in ways that seem contradictory andis adaptable to demand characteristics of different situations.

Experience Requirements

§ 10 years selling and account relationship management experience

with major accounts.

§ 10 years selling hardware and/or software.

§ History and track record of achievement of revenue objectives.

§ Track record of business/account plan development and execution.

§ Cross-LOB team management experience - international team

management is a plus.

§ Undergraduate degree in business or a relevant field. Masters degree is a plus.

Detailed Description and Job Requirements

Responsible for providing leadership to the sales and account management processes and growing Oracle’s revenues associated with the full breadth of Oracle products/ solutions for an assigned Key Account. The job represents a balanced customer relationship management effort involving sales and account management skills, product knowledge/problem-solving/solution skills, and direction of all other and necessary Oracle specialized resources assigned to the Key Account.

Owns overall Oracle leadership across all products, services and support to an Oracle Key Account (one of Oracle’s 150 to 200 top revenue producing and market leading accounts on a world-wide basis). Is the day to day senior Oracle executive business resource assigned to the Key Account. Is chartered to facilitate and own the overall account and opportunity planning process and its execution for the Key Account. Is also responsible for the Oracle communication inside our global organization and across all organizations and lines of business withing the Key Account. The key objectives of the Strategic Account Rep are to develop deep customer knowledge and influence through forging executive relationships across all Oracle lines of business, increasing Oracle’s reputation as a proven partner, increasing customer satisfaction and Oracle revenues and footprint within the Key Account

History and track record of achievement of revenue objectives. Demonstrated ability to develop and implement business/account plans. Demonstrated ability to work with accounts’ senior management and across functions within customer organizations to gain commitment, obtain resources and achieve desired results. Excellent presentation skills. Experience of team management. Cross LOB/BU or international team management experience a plus. Strong team building skills and ability to resolve conflict situations. Preferred BS or BA degree in business. Masters degree is a plus. 10 years selling and account relationship management experience with major account.

Job: Sales

Location: RU-RU,Russia-Moscow

Other Locations: CZ-CZ,Czech Rep-Prague, Switzerland, HU-HU,Hungary-Budapest, GB-United Kingdom, AT-AT,Austria-Wien, DE-Germany

Job Type: Regular Employee Hire

Organization: Oracle